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About Lou
website designer

Hi I’m Lou.

I’m so happy to have you here, thank you for taking the time to find out a bit about me!

With a background in design and education, I have a passion to support others. I’m here to mix design and functionality with a nurturing approach to work collaboratively with you.

Along with my husband and teenage daughter, we have been lucky to have lived in some great parts of the U.K. and made great connections along the way. We’re now settled near Edinburgh and loving the mix of the beautiful outdoors and trips into the city.

here are a few of my favourite things!

running down sand dune

REDISCOVERED joy of exercise.

I had been a fan of yoga and paddle boarding but had gotten out the habit of doing them. In the last year I have loved getting together with others outside for a fitness class, dip in the sea or family bike ride. 

However, have to say I avoid running whenever possible….I’m like a stomping elephant!

Lousie Goodacre reading on bench near the sea

A GREAT STORY…. Once I’m hooked I struggle to put it down.

I love detective novels and anything post apocalyptic or sci fi, which probably doesn’t match with my claim to my nurturing approach and  love of the outdoors!

I read the classic 1951 Day of the Tryffids by John Wyndham every year and also absolutely loved the Wool Trilogy by Hugh Howey and Eve of Man by T&G Fletcher.


Having grown up by the sea in beautiful North Wales. After many years based in parts of London and then South Manchester, I’m lucky  to be back by the sea again.

Our local beach is now along the stunning coastline east of Edinburgh.

As a business owner myself I understand the struggle of doing it all yourself and trying to wear all the business hats!

The great things is you don’t have to.

Let’s work together to get your business shining brightly online with a website that will excite, inspire, develop your business opportunities and connections and turn users into clients.

I would love to hear how I can help you.